Geesta Moka Pot Review

We posted a video earlier on our Facebook pages Kill The Enemy and Kill The Enemy Coffee. We go over our likes and dislikes and make sure to brew our very own Blazin Bitch espresso style! 

Upon opening, very sleek design from start to finish. The glass pot on the top makes for a very exciting brewing method. We absolutely loved and were intrigued by watching the coffee come out of the spout. It works as intended. It made a very good cup of espresso in the average time it takes for one of these to brew start to finish. 

We do reccomend before using you thoroughly clean it due to the fact we found a decent amount of metal shavings in the water well.  

We also didnt like the fact that what holds the lid to the pot itself is just a very thin and seems to be a flimsy peice of metal. During our video it falls off, and if gage werent there to catch it I am afraid it would have broke.

Cleaning it was simple, we ran into no issues at all.

Overall we enjoyed this moka pot. It made for a very pleasant coffee experience, and suggest you go purchase one! But make sure to get a bag of KTE Coffee to brew with it! 

We want to thank the team at Geesta for giving us a chance to review and receive this moka pot for no cost at all. We are excited to continue to use it to drink more of our coffee here at kill the enemy coffee, llc. 

You can find their products on Amazon by typing in Geesta. 




Kill The Enemy Coffee, LLC

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