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Wowwww.. we cant thank you all enough! Our Facebook has been getting GREAT interaction lately! Our followers are the best! Weather here is wack right now, but our Facebook is doing good! If we gotta stay inside all day and interact with you guys then we will! This is all pure entertainment for us! Sales for us have been down lately, less than usual.. but we hope you guys check our catalog out again and give our products a chance! Our coffee is fantastic. Nothing like it out there.

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Coffee Review

Linked below is one of our favorite articles written about us yet! It's awesome! Kill The Enemy Coffee is making it's way through the coffee world by storm. Bringing high quality coffee to your doorsteps. Brewing coffee never felt so good.   Conquer your demons one cup at a time here at KTE Coffee.   Article linked below.

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The Pointless View Podcast

Do you brew coffee? Well brewing coffee isnt just OUR favorite pastime. We thoroughly enjoy listening to podcasts. So we here at KTE Coffee linked up with The boys over at The Pointless View and decided to sponsor them. They are available on ALL platforms with the exception of Google podcasts. If you like comedy and bar talk.. this may be the podcast for you. Tune in every week for a fun filled show. Your hosts Matt and Louie will take you on a wild wild through history a d conspiracies. Follow them on Facebook at The Pointless View.

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