22,000 gathered and no violence occurred in the Virginia capitol

See what happens when people gather who own guns? Nothing bad that's for sure! It is not the guns america, ITS THE PEOPLE. 


"Authorities said an estimated 22,000 people attended Monday’s gun rally, which ended without incident despite fears that far-right extremists were planning to hijack the event.

They said approximately 6,000 people entered the weapon-free zone within Capitol Square and another 16,000 people stood on the streets outside the gate.

Police reported just one arrest in the vicinity of the rally.

Police said they arrested 21-year-old Mikaela E. Beschler of Richmond, for allegedly violating the state’s anti-mask law in the 800 block of East Broad Street. Police said Beschler was arrested after she continued to wear a bandanna after an officer warned her twice to uncover her face.

Numerous armed rally attendees were also seen covering their faces without being confronted by police.

By about 2:15 p.m., streets around the Capitol were mostly clear and Broad Street had been reopened to vehicle traffic. Some rally attendees walked through the crowd with trash bags as the event wrapped up.

One man was seen peeling orange ‘Guns Save Lives” stickers off the asphalt. A mock guillotine placed on Ninth Street during the demonstration had been disassembled and moved to the side of the road. An inscription on the guillotine read: “The Penalty for Treason is Death.” "


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