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26 Badass Coffee Makers!

One of my personal favorite ways to brew Kill The Enemy Coffee is by Moka Pot. A moka pot is a tiny, Italian-made, eight-sided beauty, the Moka pot has been with us for awhile. It’s becoming more popular lately, which is no doubt due to its ability to produce an incredible cup of rockin ass espresso with no electricity or fancy equipment. We’re also intrigued by the little gurgle it makes as it works its magic on the stovetop... that's right.. the stovetop! You dont need to plug anything in!  STEP 1: Grind about 20-22 grams of our Phantom Espresso about as finely as you would FOR a shot of espresso. STEP 2: Boil water, and fill the bottom half of your Moka...

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Resolving problems

Hey guys,  I am writing this to inform you all that we are resolving certain issues involving our company.  Certain members of our team are unfortunately having to deal with some personal issues.  We do understand that this is a huge inconvenience for all of our followers and customers.  We did have ideas in mind for new summer gear, but as of right now those things will need to be put on hold, and we are trying to sell our remaining stock of coffee and other KTE gear. We have huge plans and by no means is this an out.  We will be back up soon getting products out and making a huge recovery from this ! 

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