URGENT Coronavirus Update!

The first human to human transmission within the US happened this week when the coronavirus was spread from one host to another, thus infecting them. Because of this, it became more critical and caused more to worry about the likelihood of catching this infectious disease. With that being said, the WHO declared the coronavirus a global health emergency.

99% of cases ARE contained in China, but they have surpassed 170 deaths and have over 8,000 infected that we KNOW of. The possibility it could be more is always out there. 

The WHO is stating there is no reason to interfere with international travel or trade st this time. 

18 countries have been affected and there have been no deaths outside of the ones happening in china. The disease tends to harbor deeply inside those who are older and with weaker immune systems making it harder for them to fight off the sickness. 

The CDC director Robert R. Redfield says,

"We understand that this may be concerning, but based on what we know now, we still believe the immediate risk to the american public to be low."

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